Allie Awesome Will Have You Seeing Double

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Hollywood – Allie Awesome has built her brand on creating innovative, not-your-average-clips content, her most popular being her “2 Allies, 1 Clip” series. These ‘solo’ clips feature Allie playing different versions of herself, pleasuring both in the process. Allie recently brought her concept to AdultTime’s ModelTime in “Masturbate Your Way To An A”, so if you enjoyed it, you’ll absolutely love her other clips on her ManyVids store.

In each clip, the old adage of ‘devil/angel on your shoulder’ has never been sexier. Allie plays both the submissive and the dominant via split screen and they both know you are watching. In “2 Allies, 1 Clip: Cum Denial”, Dominant Allie learns that Submissive Allie won’t stop masturbating. This is unacceptable, so Dominant Allie forces Submissive Allie to watch her cum over and over…but Submissive Allie cannot cum, even as she plays with herself.

Next, in “2 Allies, 1 Clip: Jill Off Instructions“, watch as Dominant Allie tells Submissive Allie how to jill off, commanding her to play a game of stop and go with the wand. But, Submissive Allie isn’t the only one getting off, as Dominant Allie masturbates the entire time. And in “2 Allies, 1 Clip: Rabbit Jill Off”, Submissive Allie learns the art of edging, as Dominant Allie will take her to the edge of cumming, but makes her stop and start over.

“As a switch, someone who is both sexually dominant and submissive, I wanted to create videos that would showcase these two sides simultaneously. It seemed like a creative challenge and I wanted to see if I could pull it off,” said Allie. “I came up with the idea for the split-screen format by seeing people interact with videos in TikTok duets and since I couldn’t find any porn videos of someone using this format with themselves I thought it might be worth trying. So far the videos have been a fan favorite and I’m happy to be a trailblazer and that people are enjoying them. I’ve got a couple more in the queue that I’ll be releasing soon!”

Allie is active on several social media platforms, including TwitterInstagram, and TikTok under AllieAwesomesauce. She also offers fans a free OnlyFans and she can be found on her free Snapchat at @AllieAwesome415. Fans can help support Allie with subscriptions to her premium OnlyFans and Snapchat accounts, or purchase clips on ManyVids and Pornhub. A Skype show can be scheduled and purchased through SkyPrivate.

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