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VENICE, CA – It’s October, the witchiest of months, so it’s the perfect time for Black Label Magazine to release a new video featuring the witchiest of all witchy porn stars, Jenevieve Hexxx.

“Contortion” is a solo masturbation video but as always Jenevieve manages to put her own stamp on it, showing off her hard-earned flexibility. Masturbating with a dildo while a leg or two is circled around behind your head has never looked so casual.

It may be Jen’s debut for Black Label, but she is clearly comfortable. She starts off in skin-hugging latex, but it doesn’t cover her the tats on her arms nor the ample cleavage. Soon a chain bra is revealed and not long after she’s wearing nothing but that and her stilettos.

“When she throws her shoe off…that was unplanned,” art director/director/videographer Lincoln says. “And it’s my favorite part of the scene because of that reason. It conveys that she’s really getting into it, really enjoying herself, and I love it when that happens.”

A self-described “freaky faerie who loves kinky seduction and hot passionate sex,” Jenevieve was a professional gymnast who is passionate about belly dancing, contortion, burlesque, mysticism and yoga. As anyone who has seen her adult videos will attest, she’s also pretty passionate about sex.

“I’m the mystical gypsy witch of porn,” Jenevieve says. “Love is the law and nature is my church.”

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