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HOLLYWOOD – Brick Danger was nervous going into his second scene, but not because he was shy about getting all the attention from Blake Blossom and the SHF cameras – he’s shot for the site before.

The hard truth is, he hadn’t been getting laid in a while. In a forever, by porn standards. And he was worried he might get a little, well, overexcited while shooting “Brick Comes Back for More” – and there are certainly moments where it shows in this video. Like when the concern consumes his face and he fucks Blake slowly, saying, “This pussy is just too good!” The picture-in-picture really shows off his predicament.

Usually the guys head off to the shower solo for a little post-scene interview, but Blake couldn’t resist the opportunity to follow him in there and make sure he was sent home cleaner than when he came in. She’s a full-service gal.

“I was a lot more nervous last time,” he says as a smiling Blake cleans his still-hard cock. “I was nervous this time for a different reason, because I thought I was going to cum really early. I shot a scene yesterday, but prior to yesterday I hadn’t had sex since April.”

Wait, a porn guy hasn’t had sex since April?! This is a brand-new scene, not something that has been in the can since springtime!

“I’ve just been in the outdoors chillin’, shooting guns, learning how to skin a dear, spending some time in the wilderness alone,” Brick said. Well, he’s alone in the wilderness no more and Blake gave him a helluva welcome back to civilization. It was clear things were going to get intense early with Blake sniffing at his armpit and gnawing at his pit pubes – something she says is kind of her thing, so be careful, fellas!

Blake greased him up, rubbed him down, sucked gloriously on his hard rod and licked his feet and ass like both their lives depended on it. The point at SHF is to get the guy properly worshiped and Blake certainly did that. Brick had his work to do, too, and he gave the dirty blonde a banging she’ll remember and probably revisit. As for him nearly cumming way too early, well, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened to Blake. But he didn’t, so all’s well that ends well.

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