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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Sweet little Chloe Temple is going to nursing school and neither her nor her pal Kyler Quinn have studied for their upcoming exam. But Chloe has a plan.

In Bratty Sis 7 (Nubiles), she tells Kyler that they should examine her brother’s “little tiny dick,” take some pictures and apparently whatever they learn from this stunt will get them through the test. She calls in brother Jay (Romero) and he quickly gives them a flat no, but pretty young girls aren’t accustomed to taking no for an answer. Finally, they talk him into it and Jay pulls out his cock – for educational purposes only.

Soon enough the girls are on their knees and Chloe is stroking his cock to erection. She just can’t believe his cock is getting hard from their professional (or semiprofessional) exam. Kyler decides things are “hella weird” and says she has to split. Chloe makes the decision to continue the exam, weirdness be damned, and almost as soon as Kyler is out of the room Chloe says – as medical professionals are wont to do – “I didn’t know your dick was so big.”

It’s impossible to know what Chloe learned in class, if anything, but she seems to have the idea that a taste test is in order. Jay is hesitant, but only a little. She keeps stroking and teasing it with her mouth. She asks Jay if he wants her to stop and he stumbles over his words, finally only asking that she won’t tell anyone. She won’t – she’s a professional!

While the latex gloves never come off, most everything else does. She asks Jay if he wants to put in her – “just a little,” ensuring him that “it’s for science.” Clearly it doesn’t take much to talk Jay into messing around with his older sister and he is soon banging her more than “just a little.” Watching Chloe ride his long cock one has to believe she has learned something in school, though it’s debatable if riding this cock will actually help her on her exams. He cums in her mouth and she says, “I guess if I don’t pass the exam, I can always suck my professor’s dick.” Such school spirit this one!

Chloe and Jay also join forces in “I Want to Suck It First” (, though this time with a more willing third in Winter Bell. The ladies have been in lockdown together and they’re in need of some cock. Since Chloe apparently has the dirtiest mind of all, she again tries to come up with a ploy that will get her stepbrother’s cock into her aching pussy.

Her sister’s intentions are not lost on Winter, who decides if anyone is going to get Jay’s cock, it’s her. Jay is up for anything and lets them fight over him before giving in to bang the both of them. Guess it pays to have a pair of hot and horny blonde stepsisters during lockdowns. Noted!

Also look for Chloe in the new scene “Our First Return Client” with Milan. It’s Chloe at her man-worshiping finest with rimming and foot worship that is astonishing for this young lusty.

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Bratty Sis 7
“I Want to Suck It First”:
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