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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Things got hot in the apartment that Chloe Temple and Lily Larimar were sharing this summer, especially when their air conditioner was on the fritz. As seen in Devil’s Film’s new “Cum Swap Cuties,” it was really wearing on them. Alex Legend, tasked with repairs at the complex, really caught the brunt of their frustration.

Legend tell them straight: the building is not going to authorize him to do all the work that’s necessary. “So we just have to suffer?” Chloe asks. “Maybe we should just walk around naked throughout the whole building because it’s so fucking hot,” Lily adds. The girls start taking off their clothes – which Legend seems to enjoy plenty, but when they say they’re going to go parade naked around the hallways, oh no, apparently not everyone can handle viewing their nude flesh so well as he can!

Legend relents, says he’ll fix the AC. But things have gone too far for these ladies. They are light-headed and their losing fluids fast, too. “It just gets so hot in here, you know?” Lily purrs, stroking Chloe’s body. “You should feel how hot it gets,” she said, rubbing Chloe’s pussy and staring straight at London. Message received.

The trio is soon all naked, all on the bed and all eager to get mouths on the others’ genitals. It’s so hot already, why not break the dang thermometer? Legend shows them both why it can sometimes take him awhile to come around – this maintenance guy is surely maintaining many hot boxes in the complex. After banging them both, he pops his load into Lily’s mouth and she then snowballs it into Chloe’s. Even while practically suffering from heat stroke they still remember their manners and share all available fluids.

In Moms Lick Teens 24 (Reality Kings), Chloe was a naughty girl sneaking through her stepmom’s stuff. She didn’t know what she would find, but was pretty excited when she encountered a drawer full of sex toys and naked pictures. Next thing you know, Chloe was playing with her young pussy and, yep, she got busted by stepmom who showed her how pleasure is really done.

Chloe also has a naughty babysitter scene in Caught Fapping (Adult Time) with Oliver Flynn. She’s babysitting and the kids are taking a nap and, well, did anyone actually specifically say that she shouldn’t masturbate on the couch while there was some downtime? Oliver makes the best of this bad babysitter — who may just be the best babysitter ever!

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“Cum Swap Cuties”:–Lily-Larimar/173368
Moms Lick Teens 24 Fapping


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