FROCK and CAM4 present ‘LIVE’. A new series featuring 16 creators

April 21st, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA – Live Streaming from the FROCK-O-Sphere, CAM4 presents ‘LIVE’. A new series of uncensored premium cam shows ripped right from the pages of the most daring publication out there, FROCK THE WORLD magazine.  This series will include 16 incredible content creators over a span of 4 weeks, which will feature your favorite Kinksters and Cakesitters. Drags and Hags. Dicks and Dongs .Tricks and Toys. Doms and Sub . Locks and Keys. Poles and Holes. Subs and Switches. Leather and Latex . Jocks in Socks, Fuck Bois and Show Gurls. Icons and Legends… And EVERYONE in-between. Log on and get off. Every Thursday night starting at 8pm ET -12am ET

What is it like to hit the locker room after a sweaty jock workout?  Have you ever fulfilled the dream of meeting your porn-star crush? Got an appetite for whips, ropes and chains? This eclectic and unique series will (quite literally) expose viewers to a totally uncensored take on modern sexuality. FROCK x Cam4 lets the camera roll as the action unfolds right before your eyes.


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April 21,2022

JOCK LOCKER ROOM- Starring Gunnar Gates + The Caged Jock

What’s better than hitting the locker room after a sweaty workout? Gunnar Gates and The Caged Jock

(featured in FROCK Vol 1, 2 and 3 ) are two hunky himbos and that love helping each other out after a

long gym sesh. Get ready for a liveshow full of jockstrap sniffing, butt slapping and muscle worshiping.

A WELL BEHAVED BOTTOM BOY- Starring: Little Lovely Leo and Wood x Bound

Wood X Bound ( featured in the FROCK film ‘Pain Gain’) has never met a boy who didn’t melt once they

were bound in his ropes. The Brooklyn profession rope dom is easy on the eyes and has more rope skills

than the average sailor. Pair the rope dom with one of our favorite  stars, Little Lovely

Leo. Leo is a fresh faced NYC t-boy who is a true submissive. These two will meet and play for the first

time LIVE from NYC studios.


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April 28, 2022

MY PORNSTAR CRUSH- Starring Damian Dragon, Patrick Minor

Everyone has a fantasy porn crush they’d love to meet. Everyone has grown up watching

and admiring xxx vids of Damian Dragon.  Damian Dragon (featured in FROCK Vol 3 ‘Simultaneous Stimulation) is a familiar face and truly loves his fans. Tune in to watch Patrick Minor have all of their fantasies fulfilled when they meet the legendary, Damian


WHIPS ROPES AND CHAINS- Featuring: Sir Malice, Property of Sir Malice

Sir Malice and his submissive, Property of Sir Malice, are full relationship goals.

If you caught Sir Malice in FROCK Vol 2’ Fantasy Fuel’ you already know he’s not playing any games

when it comes to BDSM. An expert in impact play and rope bondage, tune in to watch Sir Malice deliver a

premium cam-show full of WHIPS ROPES AND CHAINS!

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May 5, 2022

THE GIRL IN PEARLS- Starring Vanni All

Vanni loves pleasing and teasing . She’s the star of the ‘Bedroom Eyes’ (a FROCK exclusive video) and

if you’ve seen that you know what she’s working with. Tonight, everything from her g-string thong to her

barely there lingerie is ( literally) dripping in pearls. Pop this oyster open and see if you can find her pearl.

Vanniall is no stranger to a hot live-cam show and she’s joining for an exclusive one night


ANON TRADE JO- Starring Aram Culebra

Aram Culebra is the boy you’re hoping to meet when you’re out cruising for trade.

He may not show you his full face and you may not get his name, but you’ll never forget the sexual

energy you encounter when you find him. This discreet dude is popping by to cruise us and give you a

little of that anon vibe.

THE KINKY KLOWN- StarringRubbo The Clown

We absolutely promise you’ve never met a clown quite like Rubbo. His face looks like pretty much any

other clown, but from the neck down he’s all rubber . His brightly colored rubber suit and huge clown

shoes are as squeaky as they are sexy. Rubbo loves to shine his suit and goof off for the camera(

especially if there’s pies around). Watch this kinky clown as he pies himself in the face and goons for the



Chartrucie is all attitude and no apologies . She likes her cakes like she likes her girls.  Terribly sweet,

cream filled and all to herself! Watch as this pro cakesitter shows you things you never thought were

possible with a cake!

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May 12, 2022

YOUR  WET DREAM- Starring Jette Grey

Jette Grey is sex on legs. She was one of our first ever stars in Vol 1 of the magazine and now

she’s back in the studio for a live quickie. Her young spunky attitude is only matched by her perfectly

perky body. Get into the face and get into the attitude …. There’s a reason she’s YOUR WET

DREAM. Get ready for a flirty encounter you’ll hope will never end.

LEATHER DAD CAVE– StarringJulian Torres And Bobby Ryker

The only thing better than one dirty daddy …is two dirty daddies. Bobby Ryker and Julian Torres are more

than just porn stars. They live the life of real leather dads and take their pleasure very seriously. Watch

these furry studs take each other totally LIVE and totally uncensored.


You into verbal? MISC. DOM TOP is and they have a mouthful for you. This latex and leather clad

crossdressing goddess is in the mood to boss you around. You better pay attention because this diva likes it when you get turned on. You’ll be hanging on her every last word….or else!


Running from April 21, 2022- May 12, 2022

Time: 8pm ET- 12am ET


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