Interview with 2020 XBIZ Best Female Cam Model Nominee Taylor Stevens

The stunning Taylor Stevens was recently nominated for Best Female Cam Model at the 2020 XBIZ Cam Awards. Camgirlallaccess recently sat down with Taylor to discuss her nomination.

Where were you when you found out about your 2020 XBIZ Best Female Cam Model Nomination?

I remember exactly!! I was live on cam at CAMWITHTAY.COM with my fans. I remember checking the @xbiz site to see what was going on with the voting. I knew that the actual event was postponed for Covid reasons. I went on my twitter and I saw someone rocked the vote for me!!! I then logged on the XBIZ website and saw that I was nominated!! I was so happy and honored to be among those other beautiful ladies. I was really happy for my fans because they worked really hard on the pre-nomination voting. It was priceless for them to be there with me when I found out.

Is this your first Big Cam Model Nomination?

No, it isn’t!! But that doesn’t make it any less exciting! I have been nominated by Xbiz before. It’s such an honor to be nominated and I’m so excited. I really need to get an @xbiz win on the books!! I have been nominated by AVN before and won the AVN award for biggest web celebrity.

How will you celebrate if you win?

My birthday is coming up and it would be a wonderful gift to win!! In all honesty, my fans on CAMWITHTAY.COM really want this for me and I of course REALLY want this for me too. There is no better place for me to celebrate than with my fans. If I win, it will solely be to their dedication and constant voting for me and their unending support.

What makes you unique from the other cam girls nominated for Best Female Cam Model?

We are all unique and we all bring a different experience to the table. The other ladies are so beautiful and it really is an honor to be nominated in the same category as them. I think when it comes to me, I would say that the unique thing is that I was one of the first to do it and the fact that I have maintained sustainability in this industry and can still be nominated with all the beautiful up and coming cam girls says I am doing something right!!

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans to inspire them to vote for you?

Thank You!!! You are the world to me! I always say that my fans are the best in the world and they are! Lets face it, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without all their support! They are self inspired to vote for me and that tells a lot to me about who they are. I’m blessed and grateful to have them and their support.

What projects do you have coming up for your fans? Right now I’ve got some amazing fun things happening: 

My ONLYFANS.COM/TAYSTEVENS Is in the top percentile

Fans can join my free onlyfans as well ONLYFANS.COM/REALTAYSTEVENS

To see where the real fun happens my fans can see me live every day at CAMWITHTAY.COM






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