Interview with Actor and Performer Dan Ferrari

Dan Ferrari is an actor and performer that has been delighting audiences since January of 2018. recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dan to discuss his career and upcoming projects.

When did you realize that you were unique and might have a future in performing in porn?
To be honest, I feel like what makes me unique is that I am a regular guy. I love making porn for the people that want to see themselves reflected on the screen and the response has been amazing. 

What was your first film and is there any specific memory that you have from the shoot?
My first shoot was actually an amazing content trade in early January 2018 with my good friend Lisey Sweet. Being friends with Lisey made it a very comfortable shoot for me. Her husband shot the scene for us and my wife who also works in the industry was there to do behind the scenes. I just remember being so excited to start my journey and couldn’t have asked for a better scenario to get my feet wet. 

Who would you love to work with that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?
I would love the opportunity to shoot with Abigail Mac. We’ve known each other for a long time and in addition to being absolutely stunning, she is also one of the most genuinely amazing and kind people I’ve ever met.

I saw online that you have a new film with Blake Blossom coming out on on September 16th. What can you tell us about the film? 
Working with Blake Blossom was amazing! She has amazing energy whether the camera is rolling or not. Slut Inspection is an amazing new site developed, created, and shot by Suzanne. Suzanne took the idea of hot wifing and did a role reversal where she is the wife, not only watching but encouraging her husband to have sex with other women. The hope is that the fans could feel like their own spouse would do the same. It is such a hot concept and Blake was so incredible. We had so much fun playing up the theme of the scene. The verbal interaction between Blake and Suzanne while the scene is going on takes it to a whole other level of hotness.

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?
Working so closely for Slut Inspection there is a ton of amazing content I am so excited for the fans to see and there are so many amazing shoots planned I don’t even know where to begin. I also have a number of scenes that will be dropping soon for some other companies. Recently, I have done some scenes where I get to be the Dom and that has been new and very exciting. I hope to do more soon.

What would you consider to be your top 3 films that you are most proud of ?
Definitely the scene for Slut Inspection with Blake. I felt it was on another level. Between Blake’s performance and the concept of the site it just felt like something people will be very excited to see.
Also one of my personal favorites was Fucking Big Booty Slut Gia Paige for my clip stores. I had worked with Gia once before but this was the first time we had sex and it was absolutely mind-blowing! I adore Gia, she is one of my all-time favorite people in the world and I can’t wait to get together again with her soon. 
I did an incredible live show with Leah Winters for that I am so proud of. Leah and I had met a few times and this was our first time working together. It really stands out to me because of all the firsts that happened and the fan reaction was fantastic. It was my first time being rimmed on camera and also my first time fisting a girl ever. Definitely worth a look. 

Make sure to Check out Dan Ferrari’s scene with Blake Blossom at on September 16th.

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