Interview with Actress and Clip Producer Lora Cross

Lora Cross is a former NCAA athlete with a Master’s Degree that has been working in the modelling industry for the past 10 years. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to talk with Lora to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

How long have you been working as an Adult Performer?

I’ve been working in adult entertainment for 2 1/2 years, as a fetish actress for 2 years, and as a print model for 10 years. At this point in my career, I consider myself an actress and a producer.

What inspired you to pursue a career as an Adult Model?

I became an adult model as a means of personal exploration and personal growth. I grew up in a very conservative Christian household where sex was a sin and every sexual encounter lowered the ‘worth’ of a girl and lowered their respect and value. Once I got married to a very open-minded and loving husband, I felt secure enough to start exploring that with him. 

I didn’t decide to work full time in Adult until a female coach at the CrossFit gym where I used to work at found my porn and sent it to all the other coaches in the area and our gym members. The owner essentially reacted by letting me go so the gym ‘wouldn’t have a bad reputation.’ My new friends are all content creators like me and work in the industry. Honestly … I like them more 🙂 .

How has working in Adult affected your Sex Life?

I’ve always been attracted to women and never explored that until these past two years (after getting married). In my past I hadn’t even enjoyed sex. Often, it was painful and would end in me feeling guilt and shame. Rarely was I ever able to relax during sex, leaving me dry and not believing that orgasms during vaginal sex were possible. 

So me and my husband started playing together and it was the first time that he went slow enough and spent time warming me up. Who knew sex could actually feel good? And from there we started experimenting with other women and then posting it online for me to see other people’s reaction to my story and to prove that I didn’t have to feel ashamed about sex, my own desires or for who I am. We started on Pornhub and actually became the ‘newcomer of the month’ February 2019, then added ManyVids, clipsforsale…and onlyfans to the roster.  We’ve never looked back really!

What was your first scene and is there any specific memory that you have from the shoot? 

My first scene was just me and my boyfriend (now husband) setting up our iphone and recording our sex since we were in a long distance relationship. He said that we should post it on PornHub and see if we could make some money to be able to fly and see each other more often. He created an account (we were originally called MBANDSB) which we rebranded to Lora Cross as I started doing more independent and girl-girl scenes. 

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do on film that you haven’t done yet?

I’ve always wanted to do a public sex scene – I’m an exhibitionist at my core… but my husband can be much more reserved and risk averse than me.

Can you tell us about some of your most recent scenes?

I shoot a fuck ton of stuff every month! Literally, there’s 50 new clips dropping this month with Ashley Charms, Macy Nicole, Sinthia Bee, Ciren Verde, Tequila Mo, Amber Shock and Ryan Rose. I work with all of my friends and we only do stuff that we’re into. I feel like that keeps the vibe real and authentic. 

All my sites are linked at the end of the article. The new scenes will drop on all of them in the next two months. We did some really hot BDSM femdom stuff with Ciren Verde when she came to visit for a week and a half. That shit is gonna be intense…it’s all real…and that’s what I love about it!

Who have you worked with that you would love to work with again?

Ashley Charms is my best friend…and it’s convenient that she’s absolutely gorgeous and bisexual as well – so I always love shooting with her. But as for new people, I absolutely love working with Ciren Verde… I feel like she’s my live in girlfriend when we travel for shoots. She’s so raw and soulful, very in the moment. I’m looking forward to working with her again!

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

We just did our FIRST FOURSOME! It’s just really fun to be able to play with all my friends! Shoot days are a blast…We always post the uncut behind the scenes content so that fans and people can see who we really are and what we’re about! Beyond that I’m continually exploring new fetishes and incorporating that into my love of hardcore. 

What would you consider to be your top 3 scenes that you are most proud of?

I’m extremely proud of me and my husband’s first real anal video. It’s so intimate and real…it’s a look at what REAL first time anal is like as opposed to ‘porn anal’. Second, me and Ryan Rose’s first ‘sweaty yoga fuck‘ is actually pretty damn awesome. We got Moulan Rouge to work the camera and help our get that sweaty look. Moulan Rouge is a photographer by trade and really understands lighting and getting everything just right. Last, I would say our latest DP scene with Ashley Charms is FUCKING AMAZING. it’s real…me and hubby set up all the lights and camera angles…and beyond that it was just a really fun time.

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  1. Lora Cross is a con artist, a sham among legitimate models. This woman recruits every person she possibly can to get into sex work and for her own profit. She is also involved in sex trafficking naive young women for wealthy, old married men. She is the Ghislaine Maxwell of South Carolina. A corrupt money hungry evil woman, who had to turn her back on her own family in order to live her dream of perverse profit-building. She should be avoided at all costs.
    Besides, she isn’t even attractive by most standards.

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