Interview with Cammy Award Nominee Anna Cherry recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cammy Award Nominee Anna Cherry to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

Where were you when you heard the news that you were nominated and what was your reaction?

I was logging in to Twitter to begin my work day and remember being blindsided by the Cam Girl Buzz announcing my nomination. I shared the exciting news of a Cosplayer of the Year category with our Discord server and one of the members pointed out my second nomination for Gamer Girl of the Year!

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans to inspire them to vote?

Fans are everything. You don’t know how true that is until you are a public figure, the support of our audience is literally the one and only things that powers this machine! After a decade of sharing my energy and love with the world every day through the camera lens, I am asking for a couple of minutes of your time daily for a month to do something easy & fun that would grant me a milestone of my career. Coming home with a trophy that was entirely fan-voted is undoubtedly a magical experience and I’d like to see how it feels!

How will you celebrate with your fans if you win?

Lots of happy tears and other juicy fluids! The idea of winning is such a dream that I hadn’t even dared to fantasize about what that celebration would look like.

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

I just launched a twelve-month campaign with a target goal of getting a downpayment for my first owned home and every month has a new set of limited time rewards! Until May 20th, my fans can claim cosplay striptease pictures (I have over 50 HD sets!), as well as custom cosplay videos and personalized polaroids. Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates! And don’t forget to check out my flagship passion project – RPG meets Adult TableTopless.ORG – We are live every Wednesday with a passionate crew playing D&D and getting naked!

Anna Cherry is nominated for Cosplayer of the Year and Gamer Girl of the Year

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