Interview with Cammy Award Nominee Cora Bell

Cora Bell is a Cam Model that was recently been nominated for the Cammy Award for “Best Smile”. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cora Bell to discuss her nomination and upcoming projects.

Congratulations on your Cammy Award Nomination. What did it feel like to be nominated?

I am incredibly shocked and flattered to be nominated. Thank you so much. I’m very new to cam modeling and it’s an honor just to be nominated. 

What kind of content can your fans find on your OnlyFans?

Most of my Only Fans content can’t be found anywhere else. I create custom media for my fans and post frequently. I love to show a lot more and tend to be less shy there. I post complete photo shoot sets and naughty videos most frequently but I also include pictures from my day to day life. 

What is your favorite snack?

My favorite snack is anything with sugar. I love to bake and usually try a new recipe every week. I just made key lime pie last week that I’m still dreaming about. I tend to eat fairly healthy otherwise so I enjoy a treat day and splurge once in a while. I also love baking for others as well. When I’m not online, you can find me watching baking shows and making a mess in the kitchen.

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do on Cam that you haven’t done yet?

One thing I haven’t done on cam yet is a bubble bath show. I love spa pampering and bubble baths. I also love camming and find it to be the favorite part of my day. I think combining the two will be amazing and get me to seventh heaven.

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can do some more cam adventures outdoors. I love a little riske sunbathing. I’d also love to do a cooking cam show with an apron on and maybe not much else. I’d have fans help me with a new recipe and we’ll just have to see how it turns out. 

How will you celebrate if you win the Cammy Award?

I would be incredibly grateful if I won. I’d likely celebrate across all my platforms and do a photoshoot celebration. Balloons, whipped cream, and some bubbly sound like it would be in order.

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