Interview with Cammy Award Nominee Ivy Blue recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cammy Award Nominee Ivy Blue to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

Where were you when you heard the news that you were nominated and what was your reaction?

When I first received the news that I was nominated for “Best Canadian cam model” I was actually in a hotel room during exxxotica Chicago! I woke up to the notification on my phone and yelped so loud I basically woke up my fellow cam model girlfriend Selerah! Not knowing days later when I had streamed that I was also nominated for another two categories! “Best 420 cam model” & “best rookie cam model”

I was beyond ecstatic when I had found out I was nominated for three categories this year. I appreciate whomever thought of me and nominated me! I have a recording of my reaction live on stream and would love to make a complication of it if we win!!!

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans to inspire them to vote?

I really appreciate everyone’s votes so far, the fact that I was nominated this year really touched me because I feel as though I most definitely represent a vast majority of CANADIAN cam models when attending several conventions! I would describe myself as funny, friendly, giving, easy going, & artsy. Also adding that I can make some killer maple syrup lollipops straight from the tree ya’ll! If we win this year I would love to arrange a few Canadian goodie giveaways of things we cherish here in Toronto most!

Winning this award would really make me feel appreciated in this community. I’d love to meet more Canadian cam models as my closest cam model friends are all from the US!

How will you celebrate with your fans if you win?

If I actually win Canadian cam model of the year… I have already arranged to speak to a body paint artist to pull off a full nude Canadian flag body paint look! We’re going to stream on the very day it’s announced! I’d love to have a Canadian cooking stream while straddling around as a walking Canadian flag! Cook 1 special Canadian known dish, as well as 1 Canadian desert! At the very end of my stream I’m going to have a special maple syrup giveaway to the top 3 tippers. Stream will be Sponsored by Molson Canadian! *i kid I kid*

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

I have quite a few things whipping up in the projects right now! Firstly I’d like everyone to know I’m currently working on my very first cosplay ever at the very end of May. I will be revealing a new cosplay at the end of every month moving forward and I love hearing what people what like to see me as! Polls are available on my MyFreeCams share.

I also have quite a lot of content planned with a lovely handful of MyFreeCams models that will be attending the MyFreeCams social! Pool side content, intimate hotel content, casino content, and more!

I’d also like to mention that I’m getting a little pro at playing BatmanArkham city on my ps5 so I’ve now added a ton of gaming streams in my schedule which will allow us to game together! I love a good reccomendation! I’m currently focused on little nightmares and will be streaming this game all of May!

*Hoping to participate in the Mario kart 4 tournament hosted by @N0valy. Another fellow cam model friend!

Ivy Blue is nominated for Best Rookie Cam Model, 420 Cam Model of the Year and Best Canadian Model of the Year.

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