Interview with Cammy Award Nominee Kristie Bish

Kristie Bish is an Entertainer that has recently been nominated for the Cammy Awards for “U.S Cam Girl of the Year” and “Fetish Performer of the Year”. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kristie Bish to discuss her nominations and upcoming projects.

What do you like to be referred to as?

When it comes to terminology, I prefer to call myself an entertainer. That’s what it says on my taxes at least!

Congratulations on your Cammy Award Nomination for “Best Cam Girl” and “Fetish Performer of the Year”. What did it feel like for you and Lionel to be nominated?

Being nominated for an award feels like all your hard work is being recognized.. Its being valued! After grinding my way through the industry, it feels like a dream come true to be nominated for these two awards!

What kind of content can your fans find on your OnlyFans?

I make a wide range of content on my page! On there you can find lewds of course, but also a plethora of silly videos with the Lions, a few naughty chickens, audiobooks from our storytime, and silly catch-up moments from our streams so you never miss a thing!

What is Lionel’s and your favorite snack?

When it comes to snacks, I would say that Lionel’s favorite is a pretty easy guess, ZEBRA CAKES!! Mine however can depend on the day and my mood, however, you can’t go wrong with delicious donuts!!

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do on Cam that you haven’t done yet?

My stream room is very adventourous, we pride ourselves on trying everything at least once! But one thing I would really like to do is build legos possibly, could be fun, ORRRRRRRR!!! Get a giant swimming pool and fill it with cereal and Almond Milk and be a toasty breakfast cereal! Dont judge me for my dreams!!! Lionel Richie prefers to keep his upcoming projects secret, it’s more fun if no one expects the zany plans we have set into motion

How are you and Lionel going to celebrate if you win an a Cammy Award?

If we can bring home one or two Cammy Award Trophies this year, we are gonna parrttaayyyy! Im thinking confetti bombs, glitter, and LOTS of messes!!!!

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