Interview with Clip Artist Cattie Candescent

Cattie Candescent is a clip artist that has been working in the adult industry since 2014. Her ManyVids store was crowned Store of the Year in 2016 and 2017 and she was crowned Alt Star of the Year in 2020. Camgirlallacccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cattie to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

Do you consider yourself more of a cam girl or clip artist?
I am definitely more of a clip artist vs. a cam girl. I tried my hand at full time camming but felt it was more productive and suitable for my schedule to stick to clips mainly. I still cam occasionally. Typically once a month. I hope to return to cam more regularly in the future and find a balance of both!

How did you enter your career in adult entertainment?
 I started by messaging/sexting only. Over time, I started offering softcore photo-sets and eventually got into clip making.

Do you have any memories of your first day on cam? My very first cam show ever was for MV Live when you had to schedule in advance with the site to go on. I was an absolute wreck; riddled with anxiety… That day shaped everything going forward! I had SO. MUCH. FUN!! It felt amazing to be live and interacting with fans vs. time lapsed conversation in between messages and what not. It made me grow fonder and appreciate my fans soo much more, as we got to bond on a different level than I was used to.

What was your first clip and is there any specific memory that you have from the shoot?
 I’m going to be honest… I don’t remember my very first clip… The first that pops into my mind was a double penetration video. This has ALWAYS been a fantasy of mine and I felt like recording it would be a great video. I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t per say “excited” either… There was no pre-planning to shooting or anything of the sort. It was more so just me revved up and wanting to fill both holes and be a more a natural masturbation clip. In hindsight… There was a lot wrong with it… Haha! But as a first, it got the job done. Hah!

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do on film that you haven’t done yet?
 I’d Looove to do a gangbang!! IF I ever will… I don’t know… Especially, sadly, with the climate of where the world is at the moment… But in a perfect world, I’m stuffed air tight and tossed around like a rag doll!

Can you tell us about some of your most recent clips?
 My content has no main niche. I really like to try as many different kinks/fetishes as I can! It not only keeps things interesting as far as work wise but, helps me explore my own personal wants and needs. I do tend to favor taboo role plays, MESSY cum play and trying to out do my dirty talk clips time and time again! My preferred & main site for all ManyVids is where you can find ALL of my content, physical items and join my Crush Club!

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?
 Unfortunately, at this very moment I don’t have any big projects coming up. I’ve been focusing on smaller/simpler content to bank up for upcoming recovery time. I do hope to dabble more in cosplay content in the future!

What would you consider to be your top clip that you are most proud of ?
 All of my “space babe/alien” clips are my favorites! I don’t know what it is about this role play… but I LOVE doing it!! I get to do fun makeup/looks and really enjoy tentacle dildos + brooding the eggs “they lay inside of me”! Bonus: I thoroughly enjoy making a BIG mess of fake cum! And these clips ALWAYS include just that! 

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