Interview with Erotic Artist Ariel East recently had the opportunity to sit down with Erotic Artist Ariel East to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

What do you like to be referred to as?

As I am involved in some things in adult entertainment I prefer to be called “Erotic Artist” or “Goddess”

What inspired you to pursue a career in adult entertainment?

Since I was 13 years old and when I saw an adult movie, I knew that this is what I wanted for my life. From an early age eroticism awoke in me. For me, adult entertainment translates into glamour. Fulfilling my own sexual fantasies and self-knowledge of my sexuality is the key to this career.

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do on film/cam that you haven’t done yet?

I’m still starting my career as an erotic artist, I want to experience sex with multiple actors, do a Gang bang or a Bukkake. Also filming outdoors turns me on a lot, perhaps in a paradisiacal landscape with rivers. As a webcam model I fulfill many fantasies of feet and nylon stockings, so I would like to capture those fantasies in the audiovisual as well.

What kind of content do you post on your OnlyFans?

I don’t have OF yet, I’m creating a fan base on Twitter first but I post content on the page of the studio where I work On my twitter I like to post a lot of erotic photos, I love posting poetry and obviously on other social networks photos that be sexy and fun.

What is your favorite snack?

I really like natural snacks, like watermelon, strawberries or celery sticks, although it never hurts to have some fries

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

I am working with the erotic film producer Mr Pink Rabbit, they are dedicated to making audiovisuals outside the mainstream focused on ethical porn. I really like that style because I can develop my eroticism and my fantasies. With them I have several videos that will come out in the coming months. Also in November I will surely be at my first erotic fair so that my fans can meet me personally.









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