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OmankoVivi is an Erotic Artist that won Manyvids 2019 “Blog Influencer of the Year” and the 2020 XBIZ Miami Virtual Cosplay Contest. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with OmankoVivi to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

How long have you worked in the Adult Industry?

I have been in and out of the Adult Industry scene since 2012. I actually started strictly as a Findom/Financial Dominatrix on a few websites like and collarme/collarspace. Since then, I have taken a few breaks while moving across the coast and finding myself.

What makes the content you create unique?

A few years ago I started pursuing my high school fantasies of IRL anime and cosplay. Anime has always been something that I held dear to me, so creating porn that involved my favorite characters and fetishes seemed like a no-brainer. Of course, I still partake in humiliation and Findom, as this will always be a favorite fetish. I often incorporate many things into my work, including modeling, prop building, costume repair, set-design, writing, scripting, directing, editing, gaming, drawing, streaming, advertising, and so so much more.

What was your first scene and is there any specific memory that you have from the shoot?

My first ever scene was self-shot. I remember it well, surprisingly! It was a financial domination scene, and it also used quite a bit of mind-fuckery and re-wiring. You see, I quite enjoy digging my claws into the back of one’s mind, and the total thrilling power exchange that is financial domination. I also remember that it was low lit, low quality, and a little cheesy. However, it was my introduction to websites like Niteflirt and other little corners of the web, which opened my world in all new ways.  

Have you ever had any IRL sessions?

Yes, I have! These sessions have ONLY been with trusted submissives who have served me for several years, and paid me thousands. Most of my sessions have been quite wonderful! I am very exclusive about who I allow to serve me, and nothing ever gets sexual. I have had trusted boys bring me my Starbucks while I relax at home, rub my feet and drop their tithe as thanks, before leaving for work. I have gone on quite a few shopping and sushi dates, and as you will find from the ones who serve me, I am rather fond of sushi! My favorite “sessions” are the ones with a respectable sub, where they are my little “yes” men and do exactly as I say~! I would love to film dominating a VERY trusted submissive, one day.

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do on film that you haven’t done yet?

There aren’t many scenes I haven’t shot, and there aren’t a ton I’m very interested in. I prefer solo work, or working with femme Models. The only fetish I would really love to professionally shoot would have to be suspension, the art of shibari while suspended in air. I think it is absolutely breath taking and would love to be tied up by a respectable professional. Besides that, the only other thing I care about deeply when filming is location! I would ADORE to shoot some fun, wild photosets and porn in more tropical area’s, perhaps at a hot spring or maybe out in the dessert. I would just love to explore the land while also taking beautiful photos.

Who would you love to work with that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?

Alex Harper is HUUUUUGE on my list! She is a wonderful person and super talented Model, and did I mention, she is an INCREDIBLE person?! Her personality is so fun and cute, I just absolutely adore hanging out with her! I met her at XBIZ Miami in 2019 and fell in love! Another great Model I would love to work with would be ProjektMelody! She has been a huge inspiration to me, especially recently. If I didn’t already have a hard-on for anime, here comes the walking talking breathing fucking Mel, an awesome A.I. with impeccable weeb taste! A collaboration between flesh and software would be quite interesting… And lastly, one Model I super admire is Ellie Idol. She is an amazing badass, and I super resonate with her darker side~! Dominatrix Women always have my heart, and her cosplays always get me super pumped and excited!

Who are some of the people that you have enjoyed working with?

I’ve filmed a full length scene “Naughty Kitten Yumeko & Mary Kakegurui” with Kit Kendal! She is a really cool cosplay Queen and a fun gamer, we had a blast shooting a femdom girl on girl scene! This was a cosplay from the Netflix anime Kakegurui, where students are forced into debts and made to pay the price… In this scene, Kit gets to feel all sorts of wonderful spanks~! This was shot at XBIZ Miami 2019!

Can you tell us about some of your most recent scenes?

Recently, I have been on a CRAZY Halloween kick! My most recent scenes include “Boosette Cemetery Drain”, a boy/girl scene where you have found yourself stranded in the Royal Cemetery! Boosette is a fan cosplay from the Mario Universe, she drains you of everything you have, leaving you empty at your own grave! Also recently released was “Mizore’s Spooky Taintacle”, a solo scene shot with the slippery “Taintacle” from Mr Hankeys Toys. Mizore is a cosplay from the anime Rosario Vampire, and in this video she show’s off her cute new Halloween bikini in her bedroom, and much more…

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

Unfortunately with the pandemic, everyone has been pretty down-in-the-dumps, and we won’t be able to go trick-or-treating or partying. So, I am planning on bringing the spook directly to my fans! Almost every other day I will be dropping a new clip or photoset, including a 5 video “Haunted House” series! It will be 5 shorter films, 10-15 minutes each. There will be solo and boy/girl scenes, and all will have a basic “horror” element! Ghost blowjobs, masked intruders, possessions, you name it! I am very excited to be filming so many great scenes, and I have a bunch of cosplay content planned as well. In fact, I am currently uploading a FREE full length clip to PornHub for their Halloween Contest called “Halloween Cosplay Curse”! In this clip, I showcase 9 different cosplays, while also using various different toys from Mr Hankeys Toys. This has been a really cool project, where Vivi is tired from trick-or-treating and eats a cursed candy! Without warning, the fog rolls in, making her switch between various costumes and toys… Should she eat another?! You can vote for me FREE, daily!

What would you consider to be your top 3 scenes that you are most proud of ?

Edelgard Bukkake Ahegao Gokkun 4K – This is a recent video that I am very proud of! I have been able to use 4K in my most recent videos, along with new lighting and a green screen. This video was the messiest video I have made so far, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I have an absolute blast with messy scenes!!!

 Cosplay Sissification Futa Shuten Douji– My Cosplay Sissification series is another that I am rather proud of. In most of these videos, I instruct good sissies to dress up with me and face humiliation~! This one is particularly a fave because I am really fond of feta characters, and I got to use a rather fun and unique toy with this video.

Rick and Morty Gender Adventure – A favorite meme-worthy scene, when OniFacade and I dressed up as Rick and Morty and improved! This was totally hilarious and fun, and you better bet your butt that there is a 2nd video planned for Halloween 2020…

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