Interview with Fetish Clip Creator and Cam Performer Kiara Skye

Kiara Skye is Fetish Clip and Cam Performer that specializes in foot fetish, femdom, findom, humiliation, and other weird stuff. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kiara to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

How long you have been working in adult? 

I started in adult around 2013/2014 with a foot fetish Instagram, but I really dove in as a cam performer in January 2016.

How did you get involved in the adult industry? 

I had an Instagram dedicated to foot fetish photography and started getting requests for custom clips and photos. I always wanted to start camming and had a friend at the time who was willing to get online and help me start, so thats what we did. I logged on to Chaturbate and had my first live cam show!

Did you start by camming or making clips?

I started camming and then started to create clips and opened accounts on manyvids, iWantClips, clips4sale, and eventually moved on to onlyfans and others! 

Do you have any memories of the first scene that you filmed? 

The first clip I filmed was probably a foot fetish video for one of my Instagram followers. Of course I was nervous, but I didn’t show my face at the time, so it wasn’t that bad. It felt so natural to me and improved my confidence immensely! I always had self esteem and body image issues, and I found camming and filming clips to be the best thing for me. It changed my life, even outside of adult. I’ve become very comfortable in my own skin and with who I am. Feeling that empowerment is a game changer!

Is there anything that you would like to do in your career that you haven’t had a chance to do yet?

I haven’t done any double domme videos, meaning me and another domme talking to the camera (the submissive). I think that would sell LIKE CRAZY!

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

I have some things in the works, mostly me working with other femdom performers. My birthday is this week, so my fans can also look forward to paying me and spoiling me for that! I am accepting amazon gift cards to purchase things from my wishlist! Fans can send gift cards to  (Kiara’s wishlist can be found Here).

What would you consider to be your top 2 scenes that you are most proud of?

The top 2 scenes that I am most proud of would definitely be my inflatables video, and my tiny town destruction giantess video. The inflatables video was SO MUCH fun. I had 20 pool blow-ups and popped every single one of them in various ways: sit to pop, step to pop in my high heels, with a nail file, and some with my sharp nails! It’s amazing the rush you get from doing something you aren’t supposed to! The giantess video was fun because I put a lot of time and effort into it, which always makes for a great video! I found these 3D building cutouts that I printed out and put together at HO scale, and I also had little HO scale people and mini cars too! Then I got to destroy it all! With some basic special effects too! I love that one. 

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