Interview with Male Performer and Producer Dorky Darien

Dorky Darien has been delighting audiences as a Male Performer and Pro-Am Producer since 2014. In honor of Dorky’s career, we sat down with the actor to discuss his career.

When did you realize that you were unique and might have a future in performing in porn?

When I was a swinger at the time, I always wondered what it would be like performing in front of the camera and joining the porn industry. It wasn’t suppose to be a long term deal to be honest. It was more like a prove it to myself moment for still holding on to my own grudge of not accepting my football scholarship. So, I started joining fan fuck videos with performers that’ll host those type of events. It really helped me learn a lot about my body and being comfortable with my sexuality. To be part of this industry for 6 six years is still a blur to me on how I made it this far as a male performer/Pro-Am Producer.

What was your first film and is there any specific memory that you have from the shoot? 

My first ever film was back in 2014! It was a fan fuck Gangbang Scene. Little Mina (former Cam girl/Pro-Am Actress) was the host with her partner Clownie Giggles (The scene is actually available on my clip sites.) I answered their ad on Twitter actually! and met the requirements with proper testing/paying the entree fee. There were two other guys there too and we had a blast!!! It started off slow at first because everyone had the camera jitters. Once one of the guys got things going, Everything fell into place and it was smooth sailing from there. I was going by Darien Brown at the time because I had no clue nor direction on where to branch out on my own. Later down the years, my best friend & I found the right brand for me and Built this #DorkyGang empire being true to myself without the stereotypical standards as an African American Performer. 

Who would you love to work with that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?

This question is totally unfair because its a couple of actresses I would love to shoot with LOL. If I had to choose though it’ll be Adriana Maya, Honey Gold, and Chanell Heart.

Can you tell us about some of your most recent films?

My Most recent films are pretty much catered to more of a Penis Encouragement audience. It helps boost viewers confidence whenever your personality is very unorthodox and have no flirt game at all. The films usually contains humor, expressing my sensual side, Dom Alpha male at times during Gonzo scenes, etc, You guys can definitely check out my sites here!! I have scenes with Fit Sid, Felicia Fisher, Ellie Boulder, Juicy Tee, Marley Da Booty, Kiki Kreme, Shanice Luv, etc.

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

They can definitely look at out for a couple of porn series I’m writing up and I know my fans want me to Cosplay SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. It’s coming!! Don’t you worry. Just still working on the details. I promise you guys that it’s worth the wait. Also, I recently shot this Rave Orgy Scene. So definitely keep your eye out for that one! It’s a hour long.

What would you consider to be your top 3 performances that you are most proud of?

My top 3 films are 
1. Can You Keep A Secret– This one of my popular by demand scenes!! Xaya Lovelle broke me out of character and my fans were shocked when that happened lol. She broke all my barriers and took my toe sucking virginity on camera. Xaya’s whole vibe reminded me of my ex girlfriend and it showed like I wanted her all to myself. The sex chemistry, building up tension, It felt like I was possessed by a sex demon. The scene was so good! till this day, people thinks were a porn couple lol. We’re good friends and always have each other backs. But she is my biggest crush lol I know! I know! I sound like a SIMP lol 
2. New High Score– Vicki Verona & I always have fire sex!!! Doesn’t matter what type of scene we do. She automatically sells it PERIOD!! I really enjoyed this scene a lot because we actually got to play the game throughout at the beginning and hooking up at an arcade set up was just icing on the cake. Having sex on the game machines turned up the intensity as well! It just turned out so natural. Of course public sex was a plus too! Just thinking about getting caught brings out the sexual lust to relive the moment over & over again!
3. I Cheated On My Girlfriend With Her Mom– Ellie Boulder is the QUEEN of ad-libs. The third one was tough for me because she did an amazing job on ”You’re Such A Brat” as well. This video in particular was really phenomenal with her being a domme by taking advantage of her daughter’s boyfriend. One, It actually establish myself as a switch depending on chemistry with the person and never would’ve known that about myself. I’m forever grateful for that experience alone!! Two, her sex appeal is breathtaking! I’m very huge looking into someone’s eyes because it’s the gateway to person soul. Ellie’s gaze and presence in this scene is FIRE!!! It hasn’t been confirmed, but you can tell she definitely enjoyed taking her daughter’s boyfriends innocence away. 

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