Interview with Model Nikki Knightly

Camgirlallacess recently had the opportunity to sit down with model Nikki Knightly to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

I read online that you are in a new documentary called Stripped: Los Angeles. What can you tell us about it?

The documentary is called Stripped, and is directed by Marc Osteric the fabulous man behind the camera! The documentary focuses on the life of 5 strippers in Los Angeles in a captivating expose into the lives behind the scenes. The taboo and stigma of being a stripper can be challenging when embarrassing our individual sexuality. I got involved with the Stripped team thanks to my PR at the time who had the listing. You can check Stripped out since it’s featured on Amazon Prime. The entertainment giant Starz also is featuring the documentary!! You can rent it for 3.99 or buy it for 10.99. I actually just found out that it is the #1 documentary 7 months in a row!!  

What was your first film and is there any specific memory that you have from the shoot? 

The first film I shot was a girl-girl scene and it was for Philly films, it’s funny because my name back then was Lexy Rose. It’s crazy how much time has gone by since then, now that I’m actually thinking back on it!! Pretty exciting actually when I go over my filmography and see that i have done over 120 features!!  A memory that I’ll never forget was that it was a 3 some with 2 other girls and it was my first experience on a porn set!! I was so so nervous. I really didn’t want to do anything wrong or look like I didn’t know what I was doing, but looking back that is only natural to a girl breaking into the adult industry. I mean you gotta think, there is no turning back from that point, so just go in guns blazing haha!! I’ll never forget the butterflies that I had before the shoot!!  I’ll remember that for a long time. It was so relaxing though once I got to meet everyone involved. They definitely made it way relaxed for me since they all knew that I was brand new to this whole experience. It’s cool because I was really impressed at how wrong all the preconceived notions are involving the adult film industry!! It was very professional.

Who would you love to work with that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?

Man there are so many amazing performers that I would just love to work with… I can’t just think of one!! Your killing me !! hahaha But if I really think hard and be completely honest with my self it would be a dream come true to finally work with Reily Reid!!  She is one of my favorites and a huge inspiration for my career thus far…

Who have you worked with that you would love to work with again?

When it comes to who I would be down to work with again, I loved working with Charles Dera. He’s such a charmer, and when the two talents onset has amazing chemistry then you couldn’t ask for anything better!!  We had really good chemistry and he was a great performer. Charles was very handsome so that never hurts. Someone who I would love to shoot with would be my fantasy partner Damon Dice!! So Damon, if your reading this tweet me !! HAHAHA, he’s been an off-camera crush that I never got to shoot with!

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

As far as upcoming projects, I have a lot of exciting news regarding different avenues of creativity I’m investing in. I’m in the development of Knightly Entertainment and that will focus on all kinds of different avenues of creativity I find myself passionate about!! I’m really interested in filming and production! I’m working hard at starting my own production company that would fall under Knightly Entertainment!! OHHH also I have been I have been focusing on making jewelry and designing some clothing. I have a lot of content that I am currently editing for release here soon!! There is also a passion project called LIV that I had the idea for a while back.  It just caters to helping the homeless and providing them with necessary goods to uplift their spirit. 

What would you consider to be your top 3 films that you are most proud of?

My top three films that Im proud of would be Women of the middle east because of it breaking the glass ceiling in that area of the world. It was just incredible the amount of press and positive feedback that that particular feature brought! I remember Vice did a really cool write-up about it. It’s so interesting because in that area of the world the female beauty is not shown nearly as much as it is here in the west, so to be able to do that, I felt like it had a special meaning and purpose behind it rather than just being another credit to add to my resume. We also used authentic clothing so the costumes themselves were an authentic representation of what women wear in the middle east. My second one is my interracial gang bang called my sister’s first gangbang #2 by new sensations… This is on my top 3 because it was my first gang bang!!!!My third is called Pick and choose for Brazzers. It’s just the first time I shot with Brazzers and I really liked the talent I shot with. And shooting with such a highly reputable company like Brazzers was amazing and a great experience! The director made me feel comfortable enough to feel like I could do a decent acting job since it required a decent amount of remembering lines. 

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