Interview with XBIZ Rising Premium Social Media Star Nominee Scarlett Jones recently had an opportunity to sit down with Scarlett Jones to discuss her recent XBIZ Nomination and Upcoming Projects.

Where were you when you heard the news that you were nominated for “Premium Social Media Star” and what was your reaction?

I was in bed! I just woke up, went on Twitter and saw about 20 notifications from people voting in the pre nomination period for me! I was shocked and very surprised.

I immediately posted to my OnlyFans thanking everyone, then did the same on Twitter and Instagram. I then told my friends! Everyone has been so supportive, it’s incredible.

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans to inspire them to vote?

It’s my dream to work in the USA, however to achieve that I must first get a work visa- and to get a work visa I must have award wins!! 

So, if you want me to continue working in professional porn, as well as allow me to collaborate with American performers- you can actually help me do that! I think it’s amazing that fans and followers can have such a massive impact on my future career, and I really appreciate every vote. It feels like a real community is supporting me to help me win, and I love that!

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How will you celebrate with your fans if you win?

I’ve already promised everyone I’ll post a full sextape to Pornhub if I win!

I’ll also celebrate by offering my first ever free trials to my OnlyFans- something I’ve never done before, but would do as a thank you should I win! This would allow people to view a special live show I would hold should I win! I’m not sure on the theme for the live show yet, as I always let my subscribers vote, but I’m definitely thinking squirting and maybe even a girl /girl lesbian show would be a good way of saying thank you! 

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future? 

I actually have a mainstream UK TV show airing in May- it’s a documentary and I appear in 1 episode! Once I know details I’ll post to social media, but I’m so excited for fans to see the show! 
As well as this, I have roughly 30 unreleased professional scenes fans can look forward to. In terms of my own content, I have unreleased girl/girl and boy /girl scenes upcoming which I’m so excited to share. 

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