Legal Sex Worker Discloses Behind-the-Curtain Realities of Hectic and Challenging Occupation

August 17, 2022 (Las Vegas, Nevada) — A licensed sex worker operating out of a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada is undressing the facts about what it really takes to be successful in her profession. Ariel Ganja, a courtesan at the Chicken Ranch bordello, reveals that the life of a prosperous sex worker demands a hectic schedule, requires significant financial investment, and takes a considerable emotional toll.

“The stigma surrounding sex work suggests that the profession attracts lazy or desperate people seeking easy money,” Ganja said. “The truth is that there is no such thing as easy money. Being a sex worker in the 21st century is a substantially demanding and high-intensity job.”

The licensed courtesan lives at the brothel two weeks out of every month. Her trips to the ranch begin with a security search of her three suitcases filled with dresses, lingerie, sex toys, and a few “normal” outfits to wear in public. Ganja also must get an STD test from a doctor shortly after arriving at the bordello.

“The doctor comes in every Monday to do the STD test,” Ganja said. “I am not allowed to use the brothel’s gym, pool, tanning bed, or spa areas until my medical tests come back negative. On the first day, while I await the results of my tests, I spend several hours unpacking and setting up everything so that my boudoir is attractive and client-ready.”

Ganja said that the brothel does not have shifts, so the sex worker must be on call and available for ‘lineups’ 24 hours per day. A ‘lineup’ is a bordello custom in which all available courtesans line up and introduce themselves to a visitor one-by-one, so that the potential client can choose which woman he’d like to negotiate privately with.

“I am ready to work 24 hours per day. If there is a lineup or if I have a client requesting to see me in the middle of the night when I’m asleep, I get up to do the lineup or entertain the request.”

The sex worker explains that her unusual daily routine revolves around always being hair and makeup-ready.

“Every morning I spend two hours doing my hair and makeup, and then I work out for about two hours. It sounds backwards, but if there is a lineup or a request while I’m in the gym I have to stop working out and change back into my outfit and heels,” she said. “Additionally, if we have lineups or a request while we’re enjoying our chef-prepared meals at the brothel, we always leave the table and go for the money.”

Despite the 24-hour brothel job requiring her to be available at a moment’s notice, Ganja utilizes her small amount of free time to keep up with her OnlyFans side hustle and to communicate with clients via email and social media.

“I’m literally always working,” Ganja said. “When I’m not physically with a customer, I’m either answering emails, checking social media and OnlyFans, or creating and editing my ‘creator economy’ content.”

Ganja says that her job requires not only a time investment, but a considerable financial investment as well.

“I’m a high-end courtesan and my colleagues and I often joke that we are the ‘Kardashians of sex work.’ It’s important to me that I invest in an image that reflects my luxury brand,” she says. “These expenses, in addition to fees accumulated for rent, licensing and medical tests at the brothel, amount to thousands every month.”

“I’m a financially successful woman and I love what I do, but I absolutely must put a portion of my earnings back into my business in order to stay competitive.”

Below is a partial list of Ganja’s expenses:

Expenses at the ranch
$120 the first week for blood and swab STD test
$90 the second week for swab STD test
$630 for rent at the brothel
$150 quarterly for legal sex worker license
$500 monthly for supplies from Walmart
$300 on additional health food, including protein shakes, and specialized workout products

Expenses outside of the ranch
$400 total monthly for nails
$300 per month to maintain $1300 hair extensions
$500 every 3-4 months for Botox
$550 every 6 months for lip filler
$30 gym membership
$100 a month for tanning
$1200 monthly for photoshoots
$2000 monthly average for lingerie, dresses, and footwear
$4000 annually for sex toys
$5000 annually in makeup and hair products

Ganja shares that the most exhausting aspect of her profession may be the emotional drain that comes with being a provider of intimacy.

“Licensed sex workers make good money because we are the people that our clients can reveal their innermost desires to, with no fear of shame or judgment,” Ganja said.

“We are essentially sexual caregivers, erotic therapists that engage in deeply intimate situations with numerous human beings every week. Like rock stars or thespians, we have to perform at a high level for extended periods. After these impassioned customer sessions, we’re depleted in a way that I feel few professionals can be.”

While she admits that her job as a legal sex worker is much more demanding than many people may suspect, Ganja said that she’s proud of her professional choices.

“I found a job that I’m good at, meets my financial expectations, and challenges me every day. How many people can honestly say that?”

Prostitution has been legal in Nevada since the early 1970s in the form or rurally-located licensed brothels. The Chicken Ranch is located in Pahrump, Nevada, 60 miles from Las Vegas.


Hailing from the Midwest, 36-year-old Ariel Ganja is a licensed sex worker, adult entertainer, and featured courtesan operating out of the world famous Chicken Ranch legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada. With a lush 40-acre campus that includes a bar, swimming pool, and a slew of titillating sex specialty areas and VIP Bungalows, the Chicken Ranch is a popular adult tourism destination where in-person sex workers safely, discreetly, and legally practice their profession.

Follow Ganja on Instagram at @arielganja_ and on Twitter at @ArielGanja. The sex worker can also be found on onlyfans ( and via her personal website


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