Marilyn Johnson Shoots With MeanBitches.Com

Article Courtesy of Nexxxt Level Talent Agency

NEXXXT LEVEL’S newest starlet, Marilyn Johnson, wraps up her show with a local fetish legend, Glenn and In one of Marilyn’s debut projects, she collaborates with one of the industry’s fetish kings, Glenn. This scene is filled with hot, sexy and mean bitch attitude that fans of the site are going to love. Marilyn’s striking good looks and uber-bitch demeanor is the type of scene that makes this site ridiculously popular.

Glenn and has been a staple of quality content, in the fetish world, for a long time running. The site continues to crank out consistently great scenes that keeps his loyal followers coming back for more. The face sitting and foot worshiping is enough to please any fan.

Marilyn had this to share shooting with the site “It was a super fun day! I was having a tough week and shooting that scene was perfect because I got to express my dominatrix side and get some of that anger out on Glenn, LMAO. Glenn was awesome to work with, and he encouraged my bitchiness. It was a super fun shoot.”

“Marilyn’s scene” is out and available now at

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