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HOLLYWOOD – When former MMA fighter Mark Speare made his debut for earlier this year, he was an industry newbie and as the title – “Rimmed for the First Time” – let on, it was Mark’s first time ever being on the receiving end of a rimming.

Now he’s back in “Can’t Cum From a Blowjob – Until Now” and, again, the title gives away what would otherwise to a surprise to all, but that’s okay, it’s something no one should miss. This time Mark is set up with dreamy-eyed Vivian Taylor, a curvy beauty who hails from Illinois, and it seems Mark had never met the likes of her before.

Mark hadn’t been rimmed since his previous SHF scene, but the experience was strong and after having it done right once he’s better prepared for the delights of the prosses. For Vivian, it’s her first SHF scene, but whatever she may (or may not, judging by the performance!) lack in the rimming section of her resume, she more than makes up for with her passion.

She brings her A-game here and from the moment she appears with the bottle of oil to lube up Mark, it’s pure joy in her stunning eyes. Just watching her lapping at his armpits, breathing in his scent, it is clear she is a profoundly sexual person. With the feet and the rimming, she’s all in. For his part, Mark is way more laid back during this scene than his first, though let’s not pretend seeing a guy’s reaction that first time getting rimmed isn’t priceless. This time he has some idea what’s coming and is able to watch without wondering just where her hands, fingers or tongue are going next.

The sex is a pleasure for both, but even after fucking Vivian through a few positions she has another surprise: a BJ that will take Mark to a place he has never been: cumming from a blowjob. She didn’t even know it at the time, but the suck-cess of his popping on her face after a blowjob was unprecedented. He had never cum from a blowjob before. Amazing work, Vivian!

“It was amazing,” Mark said while being interviewed in the shower. He might have had more to say, but Vivian was in there with him, stroking his body, giggling and helping him clean up. “I was definitely more nervous the first time and more comfortable this time around.” is nominated for Best New Production Banner at the 2021 AVN Awards.

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Mark Speare is also repped by Hussie Models. Check out his model page at His Twitter is @XxxSpeare and his OnlyFans is

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