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HOLLYWOOD – Curly haired Spanish princess Thalia Diaz is a fresh breath of slutty sunshine. At just 21, the 5’4 Latina beauty with taut, natural breasts adorned by perfectly puffy nipples shows off her wild side in a pair of sexy scenes with surprised but satisfied step-siblings.

In No Rules, Full Accessthe saucy Taurus proves her astrological tendency towards stubbornness after she moves in with her stepbrother to avoid paying rent at college and is suddenly faced with strict and impossible new house rules.

The irascible vixen isn’t interested in obeying Tony, until he reveals his cock and a way out – full access to her insane young body in exchange for total freedom. Pent-up sexual frustration quickly turns into fierce fucking as they work out all their issues in this taboo scene!

In Step Sisters Fashion Show from Bratty Sis, the sassy step sister seduces her faux bro by forcing him to endure a boner inducing fashion show in the skimpy new clothes she bought at the mall. He tries to hide the raunchy results of her slutty runway tease, crumpling his blankets over his erection, but the sly temptress spots it at once, ripping the sheets off to reveal his rigid rod.

Thalia insists it’s wrong to leave him with blue balls, and before he can protest in earnest, she’s got her sexy Latina lips locked around his quivering cock and is blowing is mind with her sweet young suck skills. She’s not happy until she sits on it, showing off her plump, round, brown peach and perfect little pink pussy as she gleefully bounces up and down on his turgid tool.

“I love role playing so I had a blast with both these scenes,” Thalia confesses. “Nothing gets my pussy wetter than playing a character doing something naughty and breaking all the rules!”

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